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solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica

solipsistic NATION

solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica
--2013 FEB 3
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Welcome to the 300th edition of solipsistic NATION!Today on solipsistic NATION we'll hear a special live in-studio performance from CRL Studios recording artists, Psykkle. Evan Collingwood is Psykkle and we'll talk about his upcoming album and what his live shows are like.Before we talk with Evan, I want to welcome all of you who are new to the show. solipsistic NATION got well over a million downloads last month so I know there are a lot of you who are just tuning in for the first time. Let me give you the lay of the land.The first weekend of the month I feature a live performance from an electronic musician. Some of the live sets are recordings from concerts or, like today's show, recorded live in-studio.Recent live shows have included Dope Records recording artist Tokeee performing live from Moscow, an in-studio performance from Michael Maricle and Ad Noiseam recording artist Raoul Sinier, live from Toulouse.It's not all live music, though. The second week of each month I showcase a label that's putting out such amazing releases that it's my duty as host of this show to turn you on to those labels.Recently I've showcased the aforementioned CRL Studio and Dope Records and Elephant Records. Next week I'll showcase Spiritech, which I'm excited about.The rest of the month is up for grabs. Sometimes I'll have several guests on the show. That include festival organizers, writers, bloggers, movie makers, software developers-anyone who is connected to the electronic music community. Sometimes I'll have guest DJs on the show and sometimes I even get to get behind the virtual wheels of steel and play the best of all genres of electronic music.I'll release a show later this month celebrating the big Three-Oh-Oh. It would make more sense to do that on today's show but like I said, the first weekend of every month is dedicated to a live performance and I'd hate to break that tradition.If you enjoy today's show then give us a quick review on iTunes. Every review helps turn someone on to solipsistic NATION and hopefully I can turn them, and you, on to more of the best of electronic music.Join us again next week when we'll showcase Spiritech Records and talk to the label's founder, Albert Borkent.See you then!01. Psykkle "Chemtrail Lullaby [feat. Mechanical Garden]"02. Interview with Evan Collingwood of Psykkle03. Psykkle "In The City of Nodes [Uprising Mix by Blast Radius]"04. Psykkle "Live"