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solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica

solipsistic NATION

solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica
56 MIN2012 JUN 3
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Tapage is Tijs Ham and he's our guest on today's show.While I've always enjoyed his music, I think he's really matured as an artist and as a musician with the release of Overgrown, his latest album on Tympanik Audio. All the elements that Tijs has worked with the last couple of years—the soundscapes, breakcore and IDM—are all there, but his use of all those styles of music is more precise. They're there more to support what he wants to express through his music than overwhelming the music, if that makes any sense. You'll see what I mean, because we'll also hear a live in studio performance from Tijs on today's show.Speaking of shows, [tlr], who has been a frequent guest on solipsistic NATION, will be performing tonight with Ming and Ping and Mike Diva as NVD-NDR at Til Two here in San Diego. If you live in the area, go see them! I plan to be there so send me a tweet @solipsistic and maybe we can meet up. That's if I get today's show out early enough.If you can't make the show, fear not. You can download [tlr]'s's performance as NVR-NDR on the October 15th, 2011 edition of solipsistic NATION. TLR was also on the show with tooth_eye, A Beautiful Lotus, Johan Ess and Joshua Decker with a mix of select tracks from their Magicore blog back in March.One more thing...I get sent a lot of music, and even though I feature the best of it each week on solipsistic NATION, there's so much that I can't pack it all into an hourly program. Even though I can't play everything that I think is great, I can still tell you about it, so I've started a new feature on the solipsistic NATION website: the song of the day. Recent posts have featured Bonde Do Role, Laid Back and the Drop Out Orchestra. All the music is exceptional and each post features a video or track from the artist. I also include links to download free MP3s if they offer them. If you like the show then I think you'll like the song of the day, so check it out!Join us again next week when we'll showcase music from Metal Postcard Records.See you then!01. Tapage "Leptoid"02. Tapage & Meander "Delicate Hydroid"03. Interview with Tijs Ham of Tapage04. Tapage "Laboratory Panic Advice"05. Tapage "Sine"06. Tapage "Notbremse"07. Tapage "Head Cage"08. Tapage "Mortuary Beef"09. Tapage "Live"