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solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica

solipsistic NATION

solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica
77 MIN2013 JAN 6
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On today's show we're going to hear a recording of Tokee performing live in Moscow. It's bracing stuff and I just know you're gonna love it!I'm actually new to Tokee's music. I found out about him when I read a blog post about Dope Records. I thought the label's name sounded cool and downloaded a few tracks from their website expecting to hear some hip hop jams. Instead what I got was everything from IDM to dubstep to metal. Tokee is actually one of the founders of Dope Records and his music encompasses all those styles of music and more. I was so impressed and invited Fariz Suleiman, the other founder of Dope Records, to showcase his label on solipsistic NATION back in November.I kept in touch with Fariz and extended an invitation to the roster of artists on his label to feature their live sets on future shows. I was delighted when Fariz sent me a recording of Tokee performing in Moscow to me earlier this week. I quickly got a hold of Tokee and arranged an interview. Quick note: Tokee used his iPad to speak to me over Skype during the interview and it doesn't sound half bad. Most of the time I'm talking with my guests over their phones or desktops or laptops. This may be a first. Affordable tech continues to create opportunities.Anyway, you're in good hands with Tokee. He's going to rock your free world, straight from Moscow!Join us again next week when we'll talk with James Church, and play select tracks from his label, CRL Studios. Speaking of CRL Studios, Tokee released his Feeling Alive album on CRL.Dope Records, Tokee, CRL Studios... see how it all comes together?See you then!01. Tokee "The Edge"02. Interview with Tokee03. Tokee "Intro, Live"04. Tokee "PA, Live"05. Paindonor "Loneliness of ... (Tokee 2012 Version), Live"06. Human Error "Satcom (Tokee Remix), Live"07. Tokee "AM, Live"08. Tokee "Exodus, Live"09. Tokee "Coma (Tokee Versus Human Error Remix), Live"10. Tokee "Conquistador, Live"11. Tokee "Genesis, Live"12. Tokee "Ode to Winter, Live"13. Tokee "BK, Live"14. Tokee "Pink Bliss, Live"15. Paindonor "Shell shock (Tokee 2012 Version), Live"16. Tokee "Leviticus, Live"17. Tokee "Black Joy, Live"18. Tokee "CM, Live"19. Bouquiniste "Stormtrooper Waltz, Live"