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Soul Music of the World
3 MIN2009 FEB 16
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Sorry for the delay....this hiatus was not planned. My laptop was stolen out of my hotel room back in January! Can you believe it? First the appendectomy, then the theft. What was upsetting about the laptop was the hotel staff gave a complete stranger access to my room. Yeah, while I was out checking out the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, someone was in my room jamming to all the great music and videos I had amassed over time. It's been about five weeks and still, no settlement from the hotel. Needless to say, I won't stay with that chain again. Where did I stay? I thought you'd never ask!

http://www.ibishotels.com  or http://www.accorhotels.com

Turns out I was the victim of  scam targeting foreign tourists. My personal information was given to an outsider who proceeds to "check in" to my room. No identification is necessary as long as the name and room number are presented by the person requesting access. Even though the staff member admitted that she neglected to verify identification and I lost over $6,000 worth of music, programs, photos, and other persoanl items, Accor Hotels and Ibis Hotels have not compensated me in my loss. I'm telling everyone this so they will be aware of the scams, the lack of security, the negligence of the staff, and most of all, so you can better protect yourself from being in such a predicament. How much is your identity worth? What's the price to pay for allowing someone into your hotel room? Think about it!


On a brighter note, we come back to the music. Hassanah continues to shine and her new tracks are now on iTunes and at Amazon.com! Remember Hassanah? Download this gem with her and Big Brooklyn Red and then be sure to holla back at me. Much more to come, sorry for the delay.