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Sound and Machine

Zita Molnar

Sound and Machine
120 min2020 SEP 9
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Hi Everyone We are half way through re-visiting the newly found 15 mixes from the 2009-2010 era hard drive that I thought was long lost. The feature duo here is called "Partners of Sound" and happy to share their 2010 June music. Backstory: The current podcast "Sound and Machine" used to be called "Chicago Tranceformation" as I was still living in Chicago at the time, and my DJ alias used to be "Zita Zie". The podcast host platform went away, and the mixes with it too. I thought "oh-well" back then, but now years later, I have a greater appreciation how the music scene has evolved the last 11 years, and I think its only fair to give these old mixes a new life, instead of just letting them get lost in the internet void under a special Sound and Machine segment called "ReV!S!T".