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The Interview Show

Scott Wood

The Interview Show
45 min2017 JUL 21
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Prozzäk is a late 90s pop band that tells the tales of two animated characters, Simon and Milo, who are also best friends. Most of the music revolves around Simon's attempts to find true love. This band is the first record that most of my friends--who are now in their late 20s and early 30s--bought as a kid.

The idea of Prozzäk was born while creators Jay Levine (Simon) and James Bryan McCollum (Milo) were touring in their other band--jazzy poppy soul act The Philosopher Kings--and feeling creatively unsatisfied. Prozzäk enjoyed success with catchy singles like "Sucks to Be You" and "Strange Disease" but eventually Jay and James went their separate ways and became music producers working behind the scenes with other musicians.

In 2015 Prozzäk was brought back together to play a reunion concert at Toronto's Atomic Lollipop Festival, a cosplay event. Witnessing fan reaction to the show, Jay and James realized the time was right to revive Prozzäk!

I hung out with Jay and James before their sold out Vancouver show at the Commodore Ballroom. What was the first record that Jay and James bought as a kid? Did Prozzäk really start with a fist fight? Which Prozzäk song was originally pitched to (and rejected by) Swedish pop group Ace of Base? What real life situation inspired the song "Sucks to Be You"? Will Jay and James take my amazing suggestion for the next Prozzäk song? Why don't Jay and James play the characters in interviews? Which esteemed actors would Jay and James cast to play Simon and Milo? Can I get Jay and James to do the voices? What surprising places will you see Prozzäk next? You'll have to listen for all the answers.

Tracks played on podcast edition of the show...

1) Prozzäk, Forever 1999 (2016) "Love Me Tinder"
2) The Philosopher Kings, Famous, Rich and Beautiful (1997) "You Don't Love Me (Like You Used To Do)" (partial/background)
3) Prozzäk, Hot Show (1998) "Europa"
4) Prozzäk, Hot Show (1998) "Sucks to Be You"
5) Prozzäk, Hot Show (1998) "Strange Disease"
6) Prozzäk, Cruel Cruel World (2005) "Starting Over"
7) Prozzäk, Forever 1999 (2016) "Love Fools Anonymous"