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The Oontzcast

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The Oontzcast
59 MIN2017 MAR 19
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Album Of The Month: Mr.Kitty – A.I.Release Date: March 7, 2017Label: Negative Gain ProductionsWebsites: Facebook │Twitter │Instagram │SoundCloud │YouTubeWe have bonus special guests for this episode, our friends Linda and Tony with whom we've established a fairly new tradition of meeting up to watch fucked up movies, mostly in the horror genre. This week we watched Dead Alive, one of Peter Jackson's first movies, a great departure from the Lord of the Rings fare most people know him from. It was at one point touted as the goriest film in existence; it certainly lived up to that.This episode we discuss various horror movies, Jaymie's fear of creepy babies, how lucky we were to be teenagers in a pre-social media world, random shit as usual...and we all give Dead Alive a mini review (well, except for Yvette, she was being difficult).Track Listing01. Mr.Kitty - No Heart02. TORUL - Monday (Single Version Extended)03. Cygnets - Amnesia (Space Age Remix)04. Halo Effect - White Flag (DRMOllE remix)05. Inertia - Stormfront (iVardensphere Remix)06. Antonym (featuring Rabbit Junk) - Liar's World (Rabbit Junk Remix)07. Vanguard - A Different Story (Perfect Remix by BhamBhamHara)08. Marwan Green Critter - Don't Be Afraid09. Mr.Kitty - Lamentation10. Vore Aurora - Null Plus Void (Staring Back Mix by Ego Likeness)