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The THUMP Podcast


The THUMP Podcast
50 min2017 AUG 11
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Since 1926, a law has been on the books in New York City that prohibits three or more people from dancing in any bar or venue that doesn’t posess a notoriously hard-to-obtain “Cabaret License.” In recent months however, people from the city’s nightlife community have been taken steps to change that. North Brooklyn City councilman Rafael Espinal has introduced a bill that will repeal the law. On this week’s episode of the THUMP podcast, host Emilie Friedlander and Associate Editor Ezra Marcus are joined by a few of the figures at the forefront of repeal effort—including Councilman Espinal, as well as the figures from Dance Liberation Network, a group of activists and nightlife figures who’ve banded together under the slogan “Let NYC Dance.” Discwoman’s Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Bossa Nova Civic Club owner John Barclay, and Rachel Nelson—owner of three Brooklyn bars and venues, including Secret Project Robot— stop by to discuss the prejudicial history of the law and how ...