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This Is Big Green!

Joe Perry

This Is Big Green!
104 min2018 DEC 2
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This is Big Green - December 2018. Features: 1) Ned Trek 38: The Squire of Mara Lagos; 2) Put the phone down: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, rendered by Big Green with help from the Daleks; 3) We've got responsibilities, too; 4) Not a scientist talk; 5) That Ned Trek episode: how bad was that? 6) Dueling Sagans; 7) Song: Christmas is Over Here, by Big Green; 8) Chimp talk; 9) Song: Up North, by Big Green; 10) Song: Quantum Christmas, by Big Green; 11) Song: Dark Christmas, by Big Green; 12} Apologies to the world; 13) Matt's medals; 14) Talking about boyds in the forties; 15) Song: Ornament, by Big Green; 16) Time to go.