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This Is Big Green!

Joe Perry

This Is Big Green!
64 min2020 JUL 19
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This is Big Green - July 2020. Features: 1) Put the phone down: Joe laments the continuing absence of Matt and debunks Big Green's founding mythology; 2) Song: A Name And A Face, performed by Big Green; 3) Song: She Caught The Katy, performed by Big Green; 4) Song: Bad Boy, performed by Big Green; 5) Song: Slippin' and Slidin', performed by Big Green; 6) More disposable back story about the band; 7) Song: Just Five Seconds, by Big Green; 8) Impromptu romp through grandfather's war; 9) Song: Nutcracker, by Big Green; 10) All about Christmas; 11) Song: Honest Man, by Big Green; 12) Time for us (me) to go.