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Three From Leith
--2019 JAN 8
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Rising from a state of suspended animation entered in 2017, and now waking up, blinking, into the futuristic light of 2019, it's the return of the podcast that you all thought had died! Yes, here I am again to play some rather fine music and babble on a little between tracks – the same as I did in the good old days, but now just a few years further on.
Forgive the rather rusty nature of the show – it has been quite some time and I'm just a little bit out of practice (evidenced by forgetting to mention what the last track played was or who it was by). In fact, the show runs to 50 minutes – which I only discovered as I was editing it last night – so it's almost twice the usual length. There are more tracks played in this episode, and I did ramble on a little longer than I'd thought I had between them; then again, there's a lot to catch up on!
Hopefully you're still out there listening, despite the gap. If you are, leave a comment on the shownotes / email me / mention me on Twitter – it may just encourage me to podcast far more regularly again!

[tag]Start Static[/tag] – Seeing Red
[tag]Holygram[/tag] – A Faction
[tag]Big Tide[/tag] – Hide Me In Your Spaceship
[tag]Phideaux[/tag] – We Only Have Eyes For You
[tagParabola West[/tag] – Calling Your Name
[tag]Suvi[/tag] – Come Out And Play
[tag]Phideaux[/tag] – c99

The soundbed was 'Ah Beat (Original Mix)' by [tag]S7G[/tag]
Three From Leith theme-tune by Alex Aitken