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Transit In Effect Podcast


Transit In Effect Podcast
3 minMAR 5
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Iris Santo returns to Soar with her second EP Creator showcasing her undeniable talent as a producer. Delving deep into the infinite sounds of the universe, Creator EP delivers an impressive 3 track EP, heavily inspired by cosmic and futuristic soundscapes.

MD is an instrumental masterpiece evoking a continuum of heightened consciousness and psychedelic bliss. It kicks off with a thumping low end complemented with delayed acid plucks while gradually introducing an uplifting arpeggiated melody. Her signature impact hits are distinctive and affirm the listener of an exciting change and progression. The breakdown offers a cinematic approach by leaving the melody and atmospherics to simply stand-alone eventually leading into a powerful drop for the grande finale. MD is the perfect track to play during a peak-hour set at festivals such as Tomorrowland, Awakenings, and Time-Warp.

Messier 81 is a colorful arrangement of melodic sound-design weaving through a thumping baseline, while constantly evolving throughout the track. The breakdown leads into a beautiful melody making you feel as if you're entering a space voyage of discovery, eventually returning to a place where you're locked into the groove.

Escape Velocity winds with techno intensity from the start delivering a dark and hypnotic theme of bold saw wave stabs leading into a seductive trance lead and haunting vocals. This track is guaranteed to be a weapon during the festival season.

Creator EP fully displays the range of progressive to melodic techno yet congruent to the theme of the cosmos. A huge release for Iris Santo guaranteed to put this rising star on the map.