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Words and Wax

Adam Svec, Graham O'Brien, John Burgess

Words and Wax
33 min2016 NOV 1
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What you’re about to hear is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever come across. I first heard it from my friend John Burgess back in 2012 over a beer in Northeast Minneapolis. We decided to have a conversation with the man at the source of the story, but he prefers to remain anonymous. This story, told in 3 parts, includes portions that may be mildly frightening to some listeners, so proceed at your own risk.

Words and Wax was produced by Graham O’Brien, Adam Svec, and John Burgess. Recorded and engineered by Graham O’Brien. Music selections in today’s episode courtesy of Camp Dark, “Nightmare In A Day,” composed by Graham O'Brien and Adam Svec, and produced by Graham O’Brien. Special thanks to John Burgess and our anonymous storyteller for contributing to today’s episode. Stay tuned for episodes 2 and 3, the conclusion of this tale, to be released soon.