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BallSh!t | Ball Python Industry PodCast | EbNMedia.tv

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BallSh!t | Ball Python Industry PodCast | EbNMedia.tv
84 min2017 AUG 15
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The Ballsh!t Podcast is dedicated to Ben & Lynlee Renick - More information here on their OFFICIAL GoFundMe account for The Renick Family… http://gf.me/u/vn2h4

Join your host Sean Bradley he discusses many ASPECTS of BALL PYTHONS with some amazing guests!

This weeks guest - Eric White of Tall Grass Reptiles & TGR Rack Systems

Not only is this guy a BEAST when it comes to supporting Ballsh!t but he's also a breeder and master rack maker!  He has been around a while, definitely long enough to remember some "old times" and talk about a few of his methods that have made him a success!

BEAST MODE SPONSOR!! ERIC WHITE of TALL GRASS REPTILES http://www.tallgrassreptiles.com and TGR RACK SYSTEMS http://www.tgrracksystems.com  The snakes are great but that racks are AWESOME!!  Especially check out the single level modules!!  GREAT IDEA! If you purchase, be sure you tell them you heard of them on BALLSH!T!

BALLSH!T on PATREON! - http://www.patreon.com/ballsht CHECK IT OUT! The podcast can now be SPONSORED BY YOU… Be a patron and pledge a small amount each month to help Sean further the podcast!  More episodes MORE OFTEN since there is listener participation in the production of the show.  Check out the page for BONUSES if you are a patron and also there are ways to pledge for advertising spots through the page! http://www.patreon.com/ballsht
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