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Bianca Franco

36 MIN2019 DEC 18
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Dive into my first episode recorded in New Zealand!! Starting off with a solo cast to catch up on questions from you the listeners, about life here in NZ….but more importantly life for my pup Zesty! It was a tough decision to decide to bring my dog or not, So in this episode, I go over my thoughts and feelings (I might get a little dramatic and emotional) about how the process went for him to get here and how he is taking the move. We haven’t been in NZ for too long, so maybe in another 6 months or so we will make a follow up video seeing how Zesty is doing then, in a more permanent situation. Like always, thanks for listening / watching! I’ll link below anything I mentioned in the video that I think you guys might like.

Safe travels and happy diving! xxx

Bianca AKA OliviaSea

Goat Island Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp4w9y-t8ck

All Paws Express: https://allpawsexpress.com/

To look up places to rent in NZ: https://trademe.nz/

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