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The Coconuts Podcast


The Coconuts Podcast
63 min2020 OCT 2
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This week, our hosts talk to one half of the popular duo behind the popular Thailand movie review Youtube channel Just Doo It (JUSTดูIT.).

Other top stories include: Human foot found on Bali's Berawa Beach | CCTV videos of couples getting intimate in Hong Kong party room leaked online | McDonald's Kuta Beach closing for good this week | A sliver of mercy as authorities apprehend 'silver people' in Jakarta | Singapore Airlines to open jet restaurant, flight sim tours instead of 'flights to nowhere' | Family of wild boars takes a dip in the fountain outside Bank of China tower in HK | Parts of Sabah enter two-week lockdown amid COVID-19 surge during elections | More child abuse scenes spill from Bangkok school as owner dares officials to shut him down

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