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Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast

Una Mullally & Andrea Horan

Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast
29 MIN2018 APR 3
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This week we have a theological discussion – who knew, but stick with us! – about how being a believer isn’t incompatible with voting YES. The reality is we’ve gazillions of people in our lives who hold really strong faiths and we think they’re being done a disservice by the catholic hierarchy and hardliners in the media. We’re also really #blessed to be joined by the President of Catholics for Choice, Jon O’Brien, to discuss the complexities of a pro-repeal stance for catholics. Plus we talk how the No side are canvassing, media shenanigans and Una plugs the shit out of her new book Repeal The 8th - available in all good (independent) book shops and online this week.