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Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast

Una Mullally & Andrea Horan

Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast
41 MIN2018 APR 25
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Do you even influence? There's been a lot of conversation abounding about influencers using their platforms to talk about the referendum. Is it their duty to speak up? We figured we had to hear it from the horse's mouth so this week we have the king of Snapgram – this is what he was recently described as in a shopping centre, we know our Kik from our QQ – James Kavanagh along for the ride. Also influencing us this week is our pregnant pal Vogue Williams, who's delving into what it means to be pregnant and pro-choice. And finally, spilling probably the juiciest goss of the week, Cian O'Brien, Creative Director from Project Arts joins us to track the journey of the recently departed (for the second time) Maser mural.www.dontstoprepealin.com