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Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast

Una Mullally & Andrea Horan

Don't stop repealin' - the repeal the eighth podcast
36 MIN2018 APR 12
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Some shady shit has been going down by the No campaign so we thought it was only fair to throw some shade right back. We don’t like being negative nancies, but as RuPaul says ‘Reading is Fundamental’.Also this week, all round bosswoman & Labour Senator Ivana Bacik joins us in studio for a brilliant history on the origins of the 8th and reminds us that the some of the same shady characters are still knocking around.Plus the amazing Together For Yes fundraising drive. Have you donated yet? If not, why not? And all your Repeal news, events, media shenanigans and more....For more info: www.dontstoprepealin.com