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27 min2019 APR 22
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In Part 2, I explore the personal reasons for why a student might drop out with “F-Everything” Paul Lopez. Paul dropped out of school when he was 18. Back then, he didn’t know what he wanted to do, so he left school and moved up to the bay with his sister to get a full time job. Now he’s back, returning to school at C.C.S.F. at 22 years old. I told him about the high drop out rate at Community Colleges, and he told me he feels like a number. 

We’ll also meet the students from S.M.A.C. (students making a change), a student group on campus advocating for the rights of the school’s minority populations (and everyone else’s too). 80% of C.C. students in California are placed into remedial classes, and S.M.A.C. is not happy about it. It’s not just personal, or existential reasons for why so many students are dropping out. The system itself discourages students by preventing them from taking college level courses until they repeat High School Math and English. No wonder it takes most students (four out of five) more than four years to graduate. 

Thankfully, the C.C.S.F. administration has been made aware of the problem (thank you S.M.A.C.), and is implementing new systems, such as Guided Pathways, to channel students through college in a more efficient manner. 

Music by Sam Vanderlist