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15 MIN2019 SEP 2
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In our debut episode, David introduces himself to listeners, and we get right into some of our official segments! You’ll be hearing more about Dani in next week’s episode.

1. Quick Hit News
This segment will provide a quick, informative rundown of the top 2-3 news items of the week, with no commentary. This week we report on the developments of Hurricane Dorian, as well as recent, increased visibility of the Northern Lights that you can catch from within the United States!

2. Deep Dives
Deep Dives (a name lifted directly from our former teaching lingo) is a segment in which we closely examine social, political, or entertainment topics providing our perspective on them. This episode focuses on NPR’s reporting of Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. We discuss her chances of earning the Democratic nomination, as well as concerns we have about her in a potential matchup against President Trump.

We also examine The Week’s reporting of recent polls that seem to point to Trump losing the 2020 election in a number of hypothetical matchups with Democrats. Can these polls be trusted? We provide our thoughts.

3. Throwback of the Week
A fun little segment taking a look back at some 90’s nostalgia from the entertainment world that we know Millennials will appreciate!

Thank you for listening! We apologize for the audio issues in this episode. Being brand new, we have some kinks to iron out. Comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome!

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