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51 MIN2019 OCT 13
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We wanted to bring some attention to a story that just isn’t getting enough national news coverage - the Trump impeachment inquiry! We will be postposting our scheduled discussion of white privilege (gosh, just reading that sentence -- how liberal can we get!?) to dive into this hot topic before it gets so old that nobody - not even political news junkies - would entertain the thought of listening to a podcast about it.

Forgive us! We just couldn’t resist. In all seriousness, it’s a heavy topic and in this episode we explore the dangers of impeachment occurring in an already polarized political environment, the founders’ intent behind their enshrining of impeachment powers into the U.S. Constitution, Trump’s defense rhetoric, the media’s role in the impeachment narrative, and the evidence democrats have so far as they proceed with this inquiry.

Bear in mind that the events discussed in this episode were recorded on October 9th, 2019, and things may have changed by the time of your listening to this episode.

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