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PRay TeLL, Dr. Hash

Martin Hash

PRay TeLL, Dr. Hash
2 MIN2016 NOV 16
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Do you want to be the center of attention at a dinner party? Simply say you don’t believe in evolution: nothing gets the modern elite indignant faster than rejection of their group geist. Be careful though because no amount of backpedaling or explanation on your part will ever remove the taint of suspicion about your intelligence. In the future, whenever you see people whispering, it’s about you. Evolution is science but people are turning it into a religion. If you should choose shunning over bad science, you can still be an atheist because though the evolutionists won’t admit it, there are possibilities of where you came from other than divine intervention, and all have some modicum of respectability: time travel, alien visitors, reincarnation, learned inheritance, DNA on an asteroid, or you’re simply all a figment of my imagination.While I certainly agree that we should teach only science in schools, there are still giant holes in the theory of evolution. Specifically, the calculations seem inadequate: for example, evolutionist theory says there have been 300,000 generations from that first inkling of "homo" to homo sapiens. There must have been myriad changes per generation, however there have been no changes to humans in 300 generations, as evidenced by genetic studies of 5,000 year old corpses, so making that the step size leaves only 1,000 iterations to get from protomen to us? And why is there only one homo species after expected billions of permutations? Not to mention the whole irreducible complexity aspect of the problem. Obviously there are some essential questions to be answered for evolution to be more than a curious, alluring theory.