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Brent Stafford

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80 min2020 MAR 13
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It begins as a familiar story; after years of smoking a friend or family member drops a positive recommendation about vaping. You give it a try and kind of like it. Over the months, you find yourself reaching more and more for the vape and less and less for the cancer-sticks, until one day, you realize: I’ve quit smoking! (accidentally of course.)

Then comes the vaping-related lung illness; Trump’s 9/11 flavor ban; CDC malevolence; barrage of public health hysteria; and glaring bias from a snarling mainstream media. What happens next?

In this episode of RegWatch meet Cindy Schmidt: 12 months ago, she was a smoker, today she’s a ticked-off vaper who’s deployed her skills as a lawyer to investigate the CDC’s deception in the lung scare and to become one of the most poignant vaping advocates on Twitter.

Hear her story and learn how vaping shattered her progressive outlook.

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Live Streamed: March 12, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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