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Septic Radio
17 min2010 OCT 16
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Reverend Joseph Discusses the correlation between electricity deregulation and prices with guest Ben Jenkins. The Reverend takes an long hard look at the affect that deregulation had in Texas and California. He also proposes a solution for cheap, reliable electricity that will benefit all (except money changers and influence pedallers).

On the second half of the show the Reverend Joseph takes a look at the news and marks the passing of the our friend the Smoking Chimp as well as your assignment for personal growth.

    StateCents / kWatt-hourDeregulatedNorth Dakota7.58noIdaho7.89NoWashington7.89NoKentucky8.07NoMissouri8.24NoNebraska8.3NoWyoming8.44NoSouth Dakota8.47NoWest Virginia8.48NoUtah8.51NoTennessee8.72NoMontana8.78YesOregon8.79YesOklahoma8.8YesLouisiana8.87NoIndiana8.99NoArkansas9.02YesMississippi9.65NoKansas9.66NoIowa9.67NoGeorgia9.8NoMinnesota9.93NoNorth Carolina10NoSouth Carolina10.07NoNew Mexico10.29Yesvirginia10.42YesAlabama10.43NoArizona10.65YesOhio10.95YesColorado11.01NoFlorida11.14NoIllinois11.16YesTexas11.95YesMichigan12.15YesWisconsin12.29NoPennsylvania12.58YesNevada12.64YesDelaware13.59YesMaryland14.57YesCalifornia15.16YesVermont15.35NoMassachusetts15.39YesMaine15.44YesNew Hampshire15.96YesRhode Island16YesNew Jersey16.11YesNew York18.31YesConnecticut19.42Yes   

 Source for spreadsheet

Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State

Energy Deregulated States in the United States

Other links mentioned in show

Electricity deregulation in Texas

The California electricity crisis

Enron : Before passage of the deregulation law, there had been only one Stage 3 rolling blackout declared. Following passage, California had a total of 38 blackouts defined as Stage 3 rolling blackouts, until federal regulators intervened in June 2001. These blackouts occurred mainly as a result of a poorly designed market system that was manipulated by traders and marketers. Enron traders were revealed as intentionally encouraging the removal of power from the market during California's energy crisis by encouraging suppliers to shut down plants to perform unnecessary maintenance, as documented in recordings made at the time.

Ninth Circuit Decision Limits Freedom of the Press

Charlie the smoking chimpanzee dies aged 52


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