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9 min2011 OCT 19
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After prayer, Reverend Joseph outlines 5 changes to the WTO that would stop the race to the bottom. With these changes the WTO would stop being a tool for Satan and instead work to raise the living standards of families worldwide. The Reverend also touches upon how the World Bank encourages country to worsen working conditions and some research on smoking pot and driving.

Globalism Destroys America: 10 Reasons Why The World Trade Organization Is Bad For The United States Economy.

Today, 153 nations representing more than 97% of total world trade are members of the WTO. It has been largely responsible for the explosion in world trade that we have witnessed over the past several decades. In fact, world trade is now over 15 times larger than it was 50 years ago. But is this a good thing? No, it is not...

wto: hands off our natural environment!

The present trading system promotes the free movement of goods, services and capital as a goal in itself, rather than ensuring that international trade promotes sustainable and equitable societies. As a result, current and proposed trade rules and agreements as administered by the World Trade Organization (WTO) encourage unsustainable resource use and an inequitable distribution of resources, and can conflict directly with local, national and international environmental laws...

End WTO Job Loss

One in five families have suffered losses of more than 25 percent of their income. This is inescapably a moral issue. We cannot consider ourselves civilized -- never mind Judeo-Christian -- if the rest of us do not respond forcefully to the suffering of our fellow Americans. They have lost their jobs and often their homes, while corporate profits and executive salaries reach obscene levels. This is failed policy!...

Here is What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About

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