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Septic Radio


Septic Radio
19 min2010 JUL 1
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In this episode the good reverend takes a look at the connection between the failed policies of Ronald Reagan and why they led to the BP oil spill. Rev. Joseph talks about a plan in 1977 that could have prevented the BP oil disaster. The second half of the show Rev. Joesph Show examines $1,448,380 apology to BP from Rep. Joe Barton and how to buy an apology from a member of congress. As well as some off beat news and homework for you spiritual growth.

The President's Proposed Energy Policy
President Reagan cut the renewable energy R&D budget 85%
Americas Energy Policy The past 30 Years
Blocked efforts to extend the wind power tax credit
Republican Joe Barton apologizes to BP
Republican Joe Barton received $1,448,380 from oil and gas industry

Woman ticketed for picking up wrong dog poop
Mentos and Coke Zero propel vehicle

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