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Tatooine Sons: Holonet

David Jesse

Tatooine Sons: Holonet
3 min2018 APR 14
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Why Does Everyone Want To Go Back to Jakuu?Poe Dameron Issue #26 is coming on next Wednesday, and it’s taking the flyboy back to Jakuu! The comic will begin to tell the story of how Poe made it off the desert planet after being thrown from the TIE Fighter that he escaped in with Finn in The Force Awakens. Here’s the official description of the issue: “THE AWAKENING BEGINS! Lor San Tekka has been found and Poe Dameron is off to recover the missing link to Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts. But his plan goes astray when the First Order intervenes on Jakku…Follow Poe Dameron’s adventures during the unseen events of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!” But fans might be more excited to learn that the opening to the storyline actually picks up on the Millennium Falcon after the events of The Last Jedi! Check out the preview on FlickeringMyth.com!https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2018/04/preview-star-wars-poe-dameron-26/Crystal Microtransactions Are Returning to Star Wars: Battlefront IIYou can start buying loot crates again on Battlefront II beginning April 18th. EA has announced that they are reinstituting the policy again after temporarily suspending it when the game was released last Fall. It’s unlikely that the controversy will be any less this go around, as some politicians in both the U.S. and abroad have called the practice a form of gambling for children and are exploring possible regulations.http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/12/star-wars-actor-donnie-yen-cast-in-disneys-live-action-mulan.htmlBut Wait! There’s More! Play Battlefront II as an EWOK!With the same update from the previous story, beginning on April 18, Star Wars: Battlefront II will feature the limited-time mode “Ewok Hunt,” which pits the Empire against the Ewoks of Endor in a battle straight out of Return of the Jedi. While one side plays as the standard stormtroopers and attempts to escape, the Ewoks will stalk them and make use of spears in an attempt to eradicate the invading force. https://uproxx.com/life/disney-millenium-falcon-ride-disneyland/Today in Star Wars History:Happy Birthday, Seventh Sister! Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on this date in 1977. Website: www.tatooinesons.comTwitter: twitter.com/tatooinesonsFacebook: Facebook.com/tatooinesonsYouTube: YouTube.com/tatooinesonsEmail: tatooinesons@yahoo.com