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Tatooine Sons: Holonet

David Jesse

Tatooine Sons: Holonet
3 min2018 APR 17
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ILM Exec Says a Female Star Wars Director is InevitableIn an interview with WalesOnline.com, General Manager of Lucasfilm and president of ILM, Lynwen Brennan, made a statement about the controversy regarding Lucasfilm’s reluctance to hire a female director. Brennan said, “I think it’s certainly something we’re keen on and there are some fantastic directors out there. It’s going to happen!" In the immortal words of Supreme Leader Snoke: “We shall see.”http://comicbook.com/starwars/2018/04/16/star-wars-lucasfilm-female-director-ilm/There’s A Rumor that Star Wars Celebration is Coming to Anaheim in 2019StarWarsNewsNet.com has heard from an insider that Star Wars Celebration is coming back to Anaheim in the Fall of 2019. The last time Star Wars Celebration was held in Anaheim was 2015. In 2016, it was in London and in 2017, the festivities took place in Orlando. There will be no Celebration in 2018. Could the possible return of this mega-Star Wars event coincide with the opening of Disneyland’s “Galaxy’s Edge?” https://screenrant.com/star-wars-celebration-2019-dates-location/We Know How Long the Solo Film Will Be!The Cannes Film festival has shared with the world the running time for Solo: A Star Wars Story. At two hours and fifteen minutes, the film comes in as the third longest Star Wars film to date, behind The Last Jedi and Revenge of the Sith. The anthology story will be the same running time as The Force Awakens. https://www.cnet.com/news/solo-a-star-wars-story-movie-runtime-revealed-by-cannes-film-festival/Today in Star Wars History: On this date in 1973 - this is a big one friends - George Lucas began writing the screen treatment for a film he called, “The Star Wars”Website: www.tatooinesons.comTwitter: twitter.com/tatooinesonsFacebook: Facebook.com/tatooinesonsYouTube: YouTube.com/tatooinesonsEmail: tatooinesons@yahoo.com