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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman
59 minSEP 16
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On today's 'BradCast': Endless court battles continue as Donald Trump and the Republican Party fight to make voting harder and more dangerous during a global pandemic. Good news for voters in Wisconsin: one justice on the state's rightwing-majority Supreme Court joined the court's liberal minority to put an end to absentee ballot chaos that the court itself induced last week, ruling that the GOP-backed Green Party presidential nominee is ineligible to be placed on the November 2020 ballot. The ruling allows elections officials to meet statutory deadlines for mailing out the absentee ballots. Both the Green Party and a separate attempt to qualify rapper Kanye West for the ballot by were aided by Republican lawyers and activists. In Ohio, the GOP-controlled state legislature rejected a proposal from elections officials to cover the postage for absentee ballots (and, thus, voted in favor of an effective poll tax). A federal judge has ruled OH's Republican Sec. of State Frank LaRose does have the authority to expand the use of secure ballot drop-boxes across the state, but La Rose says he will not do so unless ordered by the court. Donald Trump attacked Nevada's Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolack for criticizing his COVID super-spreader campaign rally over the weekend, and falsely alleged that Sisolack is 'in charge of the ballots'. The state's chief election official actually in charge of the election is a Republican. Also today: New study finds corporate media has failed to inform viewers about the direct influence of man-made climate change on the recent record fires and hurricanes in the U.S. The venerable Scientific American magazine has endorsed Joe Biden in its first-ever presidential endorsement in its 175-year history. Plus Desi Doyen has our latest 'Green News Report.'