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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman
59 minSEP 18
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On today's 'BradCast': In a blistering new ad, Olivia Troye, a former top aide to Vice President Mike Pence and his lead staffer on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, endorses Joe Biden and denounces Donald Trump and his failed coronavirus pandemic response, saying Trump cares only for himself and winning re-election. Trump FBI Director Christopher Wray reports in a U.S. House hearing that Russia is again taking active measures to influence the 2020 election through 'more than malign foreign influence,' and that the Russian effort is intended to denigrate Joe Biden. The growing mountain of nightmarish news unfolding out of the Trump Administration this week alone underscores the necessity of ensuring everyone is able to vote safely this year and have their votes counted as cast, despite the Republicans Party's War on Voting to make it as difficult as possible this year. A federal judge in Washington State issued a nationwide preliminary injunction to block what he called the Trump Administration's 'politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service' that slowed down mail delivery before the November election. Pennsylvania's state supreme court rejected a Republican lawsuit to block the use of secure ballot drop-boxes and other voter assistance measures, but denied a Democratic request that voters be allowed to cure deficiencies with their absentee ballot before it is discarded – a reminder to be extremely careful to follow all instructions and rules for absentee voting in every state. Ohio's Republican Chief Justice of the state's Supreme Court excoriates her own party for attacking a federal judge that approved expanded use of secure ballot drop-boxes. South Carolina's Republican state legislature approves new law to allow no-excuse absentee voting this year, but blocked the expansion of secure ballot drop-boxes. Plus Desi Doyen has our latest 'Green News Report'.