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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman
58 minSEP 19
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BradCast' Recounted: On today's show, we've put together some of our important recent interviews that you may have missed. First up: Historian Dr. NILS GILMAN, Vice President of Programs at the Berggruen Institute and co-founder of the bipartisan Transition Integrity Project (TIP), discusses their disturbing report warning of a potential constitutional crisis over the November 3, 2020 election. Gilman explains the conclusions reached during a series of bipartisan tabletop 'war games' -- conducted by a bipartisan group of more than 100 current and former senior government officials, campaign leaders and experts from media to the military -- and their final report warning that the Trump Administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and the crucial transition process between Election Day on November 3rd and Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021. Most of the scenarios ended with a constitutional crisis that lasted until the inauguration, featuring violence in the streets and a severely disrupted administrative transition. Gilman also explains concrete actions that institutions and everyday Americans can take to guard against these disturbing scenarios. While nothing is inevitable, Gilman notes, the time to talk about it is NOW. Then: Slate's ace legal reporter MARK JOSEPH STERN discusses bona fide good news out of North Carolina, where state court judges recently struck down an 1877 law meant to 'secure white supremacy' by denying former felons the right to vote, and explains the long, racist history of the law.