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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman
58 min3 w ago
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On today's 'BradCast': Donald Trump wants you to be frightened. He wants to terrorize and demoralize you. Don't let him. Vote instead. Trump is getting desperate because time is running out for the Trump Crime Family and their decades of fraud in New York, as the State Attorney General and the Manhattan District Attorney close in on Trump Organization crimes in two separate probes. Trump's absurd lies about absentee voting are a desperate gambit to pretend there is a massive scheme to cheat him. But make no mistake, he will do anything to come up with a way to win -- as long as it's other people who must risk their lives for it by being forced to vote in person, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that Trump failed so disastrously to control. That is why he is hoping to pack an already rightwing U.S. Supreme Court, and why he is signaling that there may not be a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he loses. Despite his threats, Trump is a coward. This nation is about to be tested in a way that we haven't seen since at least the Civil War. But as Sen. Bernie Sanders said today in response to Trump's thuggery -- the solution is an overwhelming landslide of a vote, which is now completely possible if we all step up and do our duty to save this democracy. Yes, we can... but will we? We will find out over the next six weeks, and beyond. Also today: a federal court in Nevada dismisses Republican's lawsuit to block mail-in voting. Republican in Texas sue their GOP Governor to block voters early voting. Plus Desi Doyen has our latest 'Green News Report.'