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The Fifth Floor

BBC World Service

The Fifth Floor
23 min2020 OCT 2
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As fighting flares again over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, we ask why it's so hard to resolve this conflict, and why a chunk of Armenian-controlled territory came to be inside Azerbaijan in the first place. BBC Russian editor Famil Ismailov is originally from Azerbaijan, and has followed this story for decades. Pot plants and plant influencers in Indonesia Houseplants have become a trend among urban Indonesians keen to ease the boredom of lockdown. There’s an industry of plant “influencers” and experts to feed the fascination, shared by BBC Indonesian’s Astudestra Ajengrastri. The fund-raising campaigns to free captured IS families Stories are emerging of donation campaigns by so-called Islamic State and Al Qaeda aimed at freeing the wives and children of IS fighters from detention camps in Syria. Abdirahim Saeed of BBC Monitoring tells us what he’s discovered from jihadist social media groups, which are raising funds to smuggle the women out. Picture: Elderly woman in Nagorno Karabakh Credit: European Photopress Agency