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The Fifth Floor

BBC World Service

The Fifth Floor
24 min2020 NOV 6
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The Nagorno Karabakh conflict has put Turkey’s Armenian community in a predicament. The disputed territory is an Armenian-populated enclave inside Azerbaijan controlled by separatist Armenians. Turkey backs Azerbaijan while Armenia backs the separatists. But beneath these allegiances lie even deeper divisions that affect ethnic Armenians in Turkey. BBC Turkish journalist Esra Yalcinalp helps unpick this knotty issue. My home town: Kigali Felin Gakwaya of BBC Great Lakes takes us home to Rwanda's capital Kigali. Sent back to Ghana Being 'sent home' is a frequent threat for many first generation children of West African parents. Mark Wilberforce of BBC Africa was 'sent back' to Ghana, his parents' native country, when they felt his behaviour was getting out of hand in the UK. He tells us how he felt about it then and now. Image: Turkish car rallies support Azerbaijan Credit: Turkish woman waves Azeri flag in pro-Azerbaijan car rally in Istanbul