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Realfat Radio

Chance & Sallie Godwin

Realfat Radio
112 min2018 OCT 6
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Are you eating too many oxalates?? Do you have joint pain? Trouble sleeping? Thyroid issues? Skin rash? Kidney Stones? You just may be over-doing it on all the "health" foods that we are told are good for us.

RealFat Radio EP 0013 guest Sally Norton, MPH talks with us about oxalates and plant toxins!
Ancestral Diet for the Third Millennium

I had a blast nerding out with Sally about one of my favorite under-discussed subjects: plant anti-nutrients. Oxalates aren't just an "anti-nutrient" they are a TOXIN! In this interview we talked about everything from pharmaceuticals, leaky gut, soil health, and modern paleo "superfoods" like almonds and spinach, to infertility, eating seasonally and locally, to keto "rash," oxalate dumping, and the carnivore diet!!

Sally Norton is an oxalate expert! She has dedicated her life to spreading the word about the dangers of oxalates in these "superfoods" on which the modern real food movement is over-dosing!

Sally Norton decided at age 12 to study nutrition so she could help people avoid illness. Since then, she has been researching what we should eat for vitality, performance, and disease-free longevity. You can find her at:

Sally K. Norton, MPH
Vitality Coach, Speaker & Health Consultant
email: sally@sallyknorton.com
URL: SallyKNorton.com
fB: www.facebook.com/BeFreetoThrive

Hi we are Chance and Sallie Godwin! Join us as we talk about living an ancestral life in 2018! We talk about everything from the gut microbiome, to eating local, to plant anti-nutrients, to regenerative agriculture, and, of course, to eating healthy fats and the benefits of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K2. Feel free to chime in on our discussion, comment, or ask questions as we broadcast this LIVE on YouTube every weekday from 7:30-8:30pm ET.

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