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Vegetarian Zen Archive (Episodes 1 - 100)

Vickie Velasquez & Larissa Galenes

Vegetarian Zen Archive (Episodes 1 - 100)
34 min2015 APR 5
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Spring is finally here, and it’s time to get those gardens in shape for a new growing season. In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen Podcast we’ll be talking about composting: what it is, what you can compost and what you can’t, the different methods of composting, and how to use your composted materials.



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Here’s what we mention in this episode:

In the News:

* Vegan Beer and Food Festival Returns to Los Angeles


Resources Used for this Episode:

* Sustainable Gardening: It’s All The Rage!

* Composting 101 – How to Make Compost

* Environmental Benefits

* Composting

* 50 Things You Can Compost

* How to Use Compost


Quotes of the Week

COMPOST: Because a rind is a terrible thing to waste.

— anonymous

Thanks for listening!

Peace and Veggies,

Vickie and Larissa