Vegetarian Zen Archive (Episodes 201 - 300)

Vickie Velasquez & Larissa Galenes

Vegetarian Zen Archive (Episodes 201 - 300)
33 min2019 MAR 17
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If you listen to the podcast, you know we’ve talked about vegetarian meal delivery services in the past. As the demand for more plant-based options goes up, businesses such as meal delivery boxes is constantly changing!


That’s a GREAT thing!



In this episode of our podcast, we’re talking vegetarian meal delivery options again but this time, with a special guest!  Our guest today is Vegetarian Zen community member, Danielle Fried.


Danielle, (who we affectionately call “Listener Zero”) has been a friend of ours for almost as long as we’ve been podcasting. She became a vegetarian very close to the same time we did (about 6 years ago) and was one of the first people to reach out to us commenting on the podcast.


Very similar to us, Danielle became decided to give vegetarianism a try after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Vegucated along with a couple of other documentaries. Danielle is a very active member of our Peas and Carrots Society offering friendly advice to fellow members.


Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Compared

Danielle tried 4 meal subscription boxes:

Hello Fresh

Green Chef

Purple Carrot

Marley Spoon (Martha Stewart)


You can check out the full details of our conversation here or, scroll down for just the high-level scoop!


The High-Level Scoop!

Of the 4 meal delivery boxes tried, Danielle states that she would probably order Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh in the future. Both used high quality ingredients and the meals were crowd-pleasing.


Marley Spoon meals typically took about 30 minute to cook but did require quite a bit of cooking tools.


Ingredients and recipes were fairly easy.


All kits seemed to have more packing than was needed (not exactly eco-friendly).


Green Chef didn’t have many choices and had a longer lead time to cancel (7 days).


Purple Carrot is completely plant-based.


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