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35 s2016 JUL 13
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Welcome to The Kick-Off!

Your source for explicit and opinionated Guild Ball Battle Reports, competitive commentary, strategies and completely arbitrary player rankings. This is Episode No. 16! Tonight we have technical issues that cuased us to not have a podcast …

In this episode we matched up Mary Simpson playing Alchemists (featuring Veteran Katalyst) versus Dan Donaldson playing Hunters (featuring Seenah). You can find the game we played on Armada Games YouTube Channel here: https://youtu.be/1UmNxvwv6bg

So in lieu of a podcast, Mary and Dan have wrote up a short synopsis of their thoughts on Veteran Katalyst and Seenah.

Rankin’ing Discussion

Off              Def         Sup            Play        Overall

Vet Katalyst                       4.5            2              1               4               B

Offensive: His TAC 8 plus an extra damage if an enemy is conditioned is really strong for the Alchemists, as they needed another beater. His Heroic also changes the game so that Alchemists only need one kill with two goals. However, it is the momentous 1 damage intensify that he can do, as Steve calls it, a Mombo Wombo. He spreads out the damage on already softened players as the conditions whittles down their health.  Additionally, Furious makes his damage output all the more easier, though it is limited by the ease of being able to be shut down. He can tie up other teams’ players and is good at knocking down players with parting blows and counter attacks. Though his versatility is not like Vitriol’s, his overall offensive ability is where he shines. Additional 2’’ reach on a large base model and a KD on his 4 is also a plus.

Defensive: Although he does have 29 boxes, Deteriorating gives him a misleading health stat, as he is literally a ticking time bomb. He is not very good in beaty teams, like the butchers, as he becomes more of a liability. He does have a 1’’ push on the one, which is helpful, but being a 2/1 defensive stat is easy to put attacks into.

Support/Control: His only one support-like attribute about V Kat is his contribution of 2 influence, which not many big guys contribute, like Seenah. There could be a case made for the 2’’ reach, but not enough to push him up to a 2. Like regular Katalyst, he still needs his team to set him up.

Playability: Alchemist’s threat has increased with having V Kat in an 8 man roster- for both Smoke and Midas. Though he may not be in every list for every game, and due to his feeble defensive line not being a major threat to opponents, he is going to be frequently seen on the table.

Overall: He is what the Alchemists needed to fit the slot of the second beater. Venin looked promising in the beginning, but lacked the true damage that the alchemists needed for a second beater. Vet Katalyst succeeds in this regard, making him a well valued second beater. The only shame is that no one in their right mind would play regular Katalyst compared to this true monstrosity.


Off            Def          Sup           Play        Overall

Seenah                                 4              3              1              2              D+

Offensive: Offence is what Seenah does. He’s Furious, can take 2 INF and has 2” melee. He has an excellent playbook for a Furious model, with a 1” push on the 1, a KD on the 2 and a 2” push on the 4. This gives him plenty of options for getting himself out of melee to then be able to charge. You should be able to pretty reliably get 9 to 12 points of damage out of him and that number goes up dramatically with proper setup from the rest of the team. “Bear Hug” is a “cute” ability and when you can pull it off it’s always nice to have 1 extra VP, but for that 1VP to even matter, you would need t