Real Horse Rescues with Susan Kayne

Susan Kayne

Real Horse Rescues with Susan Kayne
34 MIN2018 JUN 16
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In this episode: Rhondavena LaPorte, Founder and Executive Director of Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary in Louisa, Virginia shares her journey into Equine Rescue. For 34 years, Rhondavena rocked it out as a Professional Educator in the Marine Corp. Now she uses her teaching know-how to supercharge an army of Volunteers to save the lives of abused, feral, neglected, and slaughter-bound equine. Discover her favorite management program, learn how a community task force in her region is working together to help at-risk horses, and get inspired to Rescue Real Horses.

Learn more at: http://www.serenityfarmequinesanctuary.org

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