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Dojo Go! Online Homeschool Martial Arts

Taylor Kelley

Dojo Go! Online Homeschool Martial Arts
4 minMAY 18
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Welcome to the very first episode of Dojo Go!


Hi Welcome to the very first episode of the Dojo Go Podcast!

My name is Taylor Kelley the creator of Dojo Go and in today’s episode I’m going to give you all

Basically my background a little bit why we created this online homeschool martial arts site.

So I’ve been doing martial arts for over 15 years now and teaching since 2012 and during that time I have helped 100s of kids boost their confidence, get better grades, establish solid routines, and become more focused and disciplined. I have a physical location called Functional Taekwondo in Grand prairie Texas and that school has been since 2017.

As a child growing up as many of my students know I was homeschooled. My parents took me out of public school because, well, I had not only dealt with some pretty bad bullying but also it was because I was a “different” kind of kid. I didn’t learn the way others did and my mother recognized that. I also grew up in a very religious home and my faith was sometimes getting very tested at public school.

Now, I want to make a big disclaimer before I keep going, the curriculum you see on the site, while they do have universal principles of being a good person, I do not teach religion in my programs so if you’re concerned that anything like that is in there no worries that’s not my place.

Anyways, while I was being homeschooled I also took martial arts lessons and ever since I was 5 years old I enjoyed teaching. My parent’s even told me that I loved teaching others so much that I started leading classes when I was only 7. And by leading I mean something really small like a warm up, but it was a start!

I was a very shy kid, and martial arts greatly impacted my speaking ability, how I did in school, and improved my life in so many ways.

When I started teaching full time and running my own school and programs for several academies, I had met many homeschool families that wanted to do martial arts. A few of the big problems homeschool families had were that the pricing of classes got too expensive, it was very difficult to load everyone in the car to attend classes regularly, especially those with big families you can relate, and also it’s very rare to find homeschool programs especially those with a convenient schedule and affordable rates.

So taking what I know about boosting kids confidence, establishing fitness routines, and getting children to focus with many many proven methods I’ve used for 10+ years, I created Dojo Go, which is what you see today!

In the future I will be uploading more podcasts talking about specific problems and solutions that most homeschool families have as well as other useful info that you can apply to your child’s learning experience at home.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Dojo Go Podcast and If you’re interested in trying out our beginner 6 week kids transformation program, visit us at dojogohomeschool.com/6weekstart

Have a great day!