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Dojo Go! Online Homeschool Martial Arts

Taylor Kelley

Dojo Go! Online Homeschool Martial Arts
8 minJUN 4
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Hello everyone welcome to episode 6 of the Dojo Go Homeschool podcast, I’m your host Taylor Kelley and in this video today we are going to talk about bullies and why kids get bullied and why they bully.

Growing up as a kid, my parents put me into martial arts because I was bullied. I was socially awkard and would often over-react to things that happened. As a result, kids thought it was fun to poke fun of me or even push me around because of how I reacted.

So that’s the key thing here is being responsive rather than reactive.

So how do we teach our kids to become responsive? Let me tell you a quick story when I was a kid. So doing martial arts growing up, I had a rival who would end up becoming a friend who my instructor and I would put us together to spar....

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