Helping of Happiness

Hillary Hess

Helping of Happiness
62 minFEB 18
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The irony that this episode is set to air the week Texas is in a state of emergency, is not lost on me. We have been struggling with power outages, frozen pipes, blizzards, historic cold temps, water shortages- it’s been crazy!! I am getting the message loud and clear that the Lord wants me and my family to be better ready for unexpected trials. This wild experience, combined with the important information and tools from this interview, have me ready to take on a new level of preparing my home and family.

With that said, Emergency Preparedness can be overwhelming. There is so much that can be done to prepare for the unexpected, it can be paralyzing at the thought. If you are wondering where to start, I have found an amazing resource that will guide us through step by step through how to get our homes ready in case of a house fire, earthquakes, gas leaks, water leaks, and other potential disasters!!

Meet Melanie Papworth, creator of Plan for Awesome!! She has created an AMAZING e-book that takes us through preparing our home and families so we can have confidence and peace when disaster strikes. She has an awesome challenge that will only take you 15 minutes per day for a month to get you where you need to have your home safe and ready. I am so excited to share her with you.