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Emma Jaulin

Mum Talk
45 MIN2018 JUN 26
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I am joined this week by Emma Ross who runs her own blog and youtube channel called Mamalina. As a mum of two young boys she is living life as plastic free as possible which is SO hard as a mum! First off Emma shares with us her birth stories, two very different experiences. We then get onto her top tips for getting rid of the plastic, separating 'time' to help switching out plastic, reusable nappies, routine without having routine, creating habits, bottle feeding without plastic, travelling with babies, date night with a baby and Emma shows me her boys beautiful wooden toys! Hendrik and I try so hard in our lives to not be consumers of plastic products....but it is so much harder with baby products! This is such an interesting podcast, we only touched on this stuff but it is definitely a place to get started and be inspired! 

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