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The Art of Parenting

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M. Ed.

The Art of Parenting
44 minJUN 29
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Are you craving for some compassion and understanding of the important role you play as a mother? Listen in as Beth shares her thoughts.

Beth helps us unpack the cultural roadblocks to finding our worth as women but most particularly as mothers. She recently released Motherwhelmed in which she shares the messiness and joys of motherhood. It was wonderful to reconnect and share this moment with her.

What we talked about:

  • Being a woman and a mother in today’s society
  • The qualities of the mother archetype
  • Becoming a mother at 17 and raising four daughters
  • Worthiness and motherhood
  • The hustle of modern-day motherhood
  • Gaslighting mothers
  • Her definition of the ‘Mother Wound’
  • What mothers can do to get their needs met

Things to Remember

“The self-sacrificial mother is a dangerous role.” - Beth Berry

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