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The Teal Bindi Podcast

Shruti Murali

The Teal Bindi Podcast
20 min2020 JUN 7
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Raising a tiny human brings along with it reshuffling of priorities, changing responsibilities and a permanent interconnectedness with another life. Countless parents will agree that something simple like a hot cup of coffee in silence which we took for granted is now a source of immense happiness! What does this pursuit of happiness look like for us as parents? What are the roles of self care and self expression in this pursuit and how can we learn to start taking ownership of our own happiness?  

We explore these questions and more with Raksha Raghavan who brings her experiences and perspectives as a parent to a spunky four year old. Raksha is a programmer by profession, a crochet artist and an active breastfeeding mother supporter. She helps countless mothers as an admin of Breastfeeding Support and Information UK, an expert led group for breastfeeding support in the UK.