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Beyond the Barre

Margaret Mullin

Beyond the Barre
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On this week’s episode (recorded May 5th, 2020), we’re pleased to welcome Kathleen McGuire Gaines—former dancer, and since 2014 a contributing writer to Dance Magazine. Over the last 10 years, Kathleen has written more than 100 articles on dance for Dance Magazine, Pointe, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher magazines, including Why are we still so bad at addressing dancers' mental health, which went viral in 2017.
Kathleen is the founder of Minding the Gap, whose mission it is to disrupt dancer culture to value the importance of mental health through advocacy, research, and eventually, resources and solutions. Her ambition is to enact a movement which results in mental health being regarded with the same seriousness as physical health in dance culture.
Join us for this latest in an ongoing series on dancer mental health and hear Margaret and Kathleen discuss, among other topics:

the results of a survey on dancer's top mental health concerns (eating disorders aren't even in the top three!)  
why it's in the dance world's best interest to change its culture around mental health for the better, including some interesting statistics about just who it is that makes up the majority of dance audiences
ways that dance companies and management can better serve their artists' mental health needs without breaking their budgets

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Host: Margaret Mullin
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