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Johno and Friends

Johno and Friends

Johno and Friends
11 min2020 JUN 1
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This week we present Dragnet The Big Cop Part 1. 

The role of Joe Friday is played by Brian Walters.

Ben Romero and Thad is performed by Morgan Jesse Lappin.

Goldie is played by the talented Patrick Connolly also known as Paddy on the Piano.

And I’m Jonathan Goodman, your announcer.

The story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Dragnet is the documented drama of an actual crime, in cooperation with the NYPD. Come with us as we travel step by step through an actual case transcribed from official police files. From beginning to end...from crime to punishment....Dragnet is the story of our police force in action. 

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Executive Producer - Jonathan Goodman

Johno - @Brian Walters

Sol the Puppet - @MorganLappin

Paddy on the Piano - @PaddyonthePiano


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