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Raised and Lit


Raised and Lit
72 min2018 AUG 4
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Elsa, Leo, and Tara

Raised and Lit, a new Podcast about Experimental Theatre, Art, and the people who make it. Hosted by David Callanan and Anna West, of idontloveyouanymore.

In this episode we chat to Elsa Couvreur of Woman's Move, Leo Burtin, and Tara Kilbourne of Greenside Venues. We drink tea, talk vulgar language and discuss our complicated relationship with Fringe.

You can find Elsa @WomansMove

You can find Leo @olamerino

You can find Tara @TaraKilbourne & Greenside @GreensideVenue

Show Notes:

You can find tickets to all of the shows recommended here.

The music for this episode was provided by Nathan Birkinshaw. You can find his album on Spotify.

Contact Us:

You can contact us at @idont_love_you.

Visit our Website at idontloveyouanymore.org.

Email us at hello@idontloveyouanymore.org.