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The And Scene Theater Podcast

Michael Salerno

The And Scene Theater Podcast
41 min2018 APR 23
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Welcome to this week’s episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!
In Act 1, we bring you the latest theater news including stories from the underground, current trends on Broadway, and a new women’s theater festival in Philadelphia.
What a perfect segue for Act 2, where we discuss a festival. A festival! The Kiiiiiiing’s festival!!  Not quite Into the Woods, but rather, it’s that time of year.  It’s the time for theater festivals all around the United States.  We bring to you nine of the country’s premier theater festivals — where they are, what they present, and other highlights of these annual gatherings of theater professionals and patrons. 
Don’t worry international listeners.  We’ll get you covered in the coming weeks. There is so much theater, we couldn’t cram it all into one show!
Do you have a theater topic you’d like us to talk about?   Maybe you’d like to chat about it with us.  Please get in touch with your feedback, and maybe we can have you on the show to discuss your theatrical passion!
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Thank you for listening!
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MUSIC CREDITSOverture, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Angel Records, 1996.Overture, Annie Get Your Gun: An Original Cast Album, Masterworks Broadway, 1966.